Selentine Stalactite Crystal by Guest Glass Artist Sandy Hruska

Sandy moved her studio, her 94 year old dad and her heart from Santa Fe to the Hudson Valley this summer. She has been helping the White Forest develop new products and in the spirit of the forest and the season of giving has already created this breathtaking icicle ornament. This is not yet up on our website yet but is in the store and coming soon so stay tuned....and in the meantime...pictured above is a sneak preview.

The selentine stalactite crystal was formed from the trapped salt waters in crevices in Morocco. It is a crystalized form of gypsum. This healing crystal encased in a heartfelt weaving of waxed linen and hand forged hanger is a talisman for the home. Its properties when placed in your sacred and special spot will help dispel negative energy and evoke protection from the angelic realm. The name Selenite comes from the Greek word for moon and means "moon glow" and these Stalactite shaped wands do glow with a shimery, pearl-like luster.

This crystal is a soft crystal and should be kept dry like we humans want to be. They will heal by bringing a calm upon you and deep inner peace now for this season and throughout the year.