Winter at White Forest

Winter is definitely here at White Forest Pottery...another 6" snow predicted for tomorrow. yes! These gorgeous colorful mittens were made by Marit Kullisade. Marit came to Garrison from Norway and has lived in our town for almost 40 years. She and her husband Lars, have a golden retriever named Loki who is the most adorable dog in the world. She made these for a local craft sale at the church show from all the leftover scraps of yarn from her knitting projects. When I saw her making them I could see that they were really more art than craft and asked her to make me a series of 9 different mittens that i could hang on the wall.
They are one of my most cherished treasures.

Starting to think about your Valentine?

This beautiful necklace is by Lisa Valentine. For sale at the White Forest Gallery for $135. To see more of Lisa's work and more info about her see:

The 2010 White Forest Top Seller of the Year

to order click here:

Thank you Joe Dizney! I didn't even know what one was when you first told me I should make one. Now we can not make them fast enough! We offer our apologies if your salt cellar did not arrive in time for Christmas. As soon as I can get them in the kiln I will ship to your recipient along with a companion gift as our apology from The White Forest.


p.s. If anyone out there has any ideas for new products you would like to see White Forest Pottery make for 2011 please send your idea to: Be sure to include your email AND mailing address. If it becomes the winner for 2011, I'll mail you a $100 gift certificate!

My favorite things from 2010

Toolbelts by Sherry Stein of
(Love your Work)

C Me Smile Lip Butter by
(comes in 5 flavors...i like "berry")

The Blue Wax Clear Liquid Lava Lamp by
(its everchanging patterns are hypnotizing. Classic and at the same time progressive and still ...out of stock)

Neon Rainboots by Marc Jacobs
(Wellies with style in great colors...look like they could be $300 only $28 )

The elegant Lingere by Joovay in Rhinebeck
( start thinking of Valentine's Day gifts boys...but don't forget White Forest Pottery too :-)

ANYTHING from All Saint's Spitalfield
(My new favorite clothing store. Just opened in Soho this year. If you live in New York City or Miami...drop what had planned for today and Run to their store. They are having a 50% off sale..omg)

Craft Porcelain by Amaco available at Micheal's Art Supply.
(air dry modeling clay for little ones that don't want to wait)
May not be on East Coast yet..found it in a Seattle store..can't find it online.

Mini Toolkit by BeadWorld
The absolute best bead store in the world!
(hey all you rockweavers out there! u can fly with these tools as they are so tiny they meet with federal requirements: "small scissors with a cutting edge less than four inches (10 cm) are

The concept behind Joie de Virve Hospitality Hotels
(Create Joy)
The all night vending machines at Hotel del Sol San Francisco have the best well thought out selection for insomniacs! Am considering getting a couple of machines for the studio.

Mini Cupcakes by "That Takes the Cake"
(Remember being excited about a tasty cupcake?
So do they. Their main ingredients are love, kisses
and hugs which equals happiness. Right down the block from White Forest Pottery's future San Francisco flagship store...stay tuned...) Randy and I will be future friends.

(my old favorite clothing store...but i still want to live in those catalogues)

The Peekskill Coffee House
(my idea of the perfect neighborhood coffee shop. Staff sings to the tunes as they sweep)

The Hat Factory
(Ben Green's gift to Peekskill. In 1979 the Green family, the current owners, purchased the property. Aside from a diverse group of tenants, the Hat Factory has established a reputation for hosting art exhibitions including The Peekskill Project 2008, Collaborative Concepts at the Hat Factory, the Art Lot and For the Love of Art.)

Curly Hair Girls by Devechan
(Loranine Massy's philosphy on the gift to the planet. Read "Once upon a Curl...")

The Meditation Benches
(Here is a picture of my meditation bench. Great for anyone that needs help keeping a prefect spine straight during meditation. He has figured out the perfect angle...)

Anything from Jack Straw Clothing in Seattle.
(Not a fashion store, A clothing store)

(World class interface design for client software and Web applications; new visual brand programs for consumer goods and enterprise products. If you don't believe me just check out his client list)

(a greenhouse for sustainable business and social enterprise, providing creativity, strategy and education for growing ventures.)

Francesca Lacquina Jewelry
(Beautiful handmade jewelry using natural objects in lost wax tradition. This is who will make my wedding ring someday...)

(Jewelry that is really Art. It is in Hudson and is my favorite art gallery in New York.)

The Pink Kitchenaid
(During 2010, KitchenAid is proud to donate a minimum of $350,000 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure in conjunction with its pink product collection. Consumers must register each pink product purchased at to generate a donation. I am buying this for myself for Valentine's Day)

Snowflakes good. Friends good...each one quite beautiful in their own way and no two alike...

Please join me on Tuesday Dec 21, for a Solstice Walk through the Nelsonville Nature Preserve. The precise moment of the 2010 solstice will be Dec. 21, 2010, 6:38 PM.

The 110-acre Trail and Nature Preserve was given to the town by the Open Space Institute , behind the Town Hall, was developed largely with Greenway Grants.

Meet at the trailhead between 2:30 and 3:00 on Woods Road between Gate House road and ----- Street.

There is an additional trailhead at the end of Wood Avenue and Gate House Road with free parking.

For more information about the:
Nelsonville Greenway Trail Nature Preserve.


FREE pottery workshops for kid’s (all ages)
From 12 to 3pm

Fairy Bell Making
Feather Pot Making
Snowflake Ornament Making
Snowflake Strand Beading
Heart Dish Slip Casting
Christmas Card Making
Rock Weaving for kids over's can learn too

Jonathon Kruk "The Story Teller"
From 3 to 5 music, stories and a special reading of: "A Little Known Story About Dorothy From The Wizard of Oz"

Special Christmas Store just for kids to shop
Free Teddy Bear Ornaments to the first 25 kids
(*Open every day until Christmas Eve from 12 to 7. closed Mon)

this Saturday only.
Complimentary Christmas cookies and Hot Cocoa
Free Giftwrap for purchases $50 and over

A fun day for all!

White Forest Pottery 11 Peekskill Road Cold Spring New York 10516 845 809 5012 for more details on event :

The White Forest Pop Up Shop is Open!

In the spirit of Winter I have opened a White Forest Pop-up store and fine art gallery in my studio for the season. Now in its 5th year, we have cleared away most of the clay dust, covered the tables with fresh clean cloths opened a "store" right in our studio. We have many unique, collectible gifts, created by 7 very talented artists, whose work I love and would love to share with you. Sculpture, as well as many other works of art from my private collection, including my hand made book collection never previously presented on my website will also be displayed and available for purchase.

Come for a magical shopping experience and share a cup of tea with us. The elves will still be busy at work so there will a lots going on while you shop.

Come by and see, taste and feel in real life all of our website products. Share a cup of green tea with us using the Tiny Tea Cup, or have hot chocolate in the Cocoa Mug. Test drive the Merge Cup and the NEW Baby Merge cup! We have developed many wonderful gift boxes and ideas for combining our products as well as work by other local craftspeople and designers that i have discovered along the way.

Until then, visit our website "store" at:


Personal Shopping

Our White Forest Personal Shopper will assist you in finding the perfect gift for:

the chef in your life
the man who has everything
a chocolate lover
the artist in your life
an espresso affectionado
a passionate gardener
your boss
your dear mom

we will also suggest:
gifts under $25
gifts under $50
gifts under $100

this is coming soon on the blog, but until then, call us at 845.809.5012 and we would be happy to help you make your gift selection.

In a hurry? We have "Gift Ready Products"

Introducing Unique Gift Ideas starting with our most popular gift.. The Water Mala Bowl

The water Mala Bowl makes a lovely holiday gift. It was our most popular gift last year. We are now on the 3rd edition of 108 bowls and half of them have already been received by people who are now practicing keeping them filled, and giving gentle attention to water on a daily basis. There are only 50 left, so order soon if you would like it in time for christmas as we will not be making the 4th edition until next year.

Each water mala is a group of 108 people who place a small ceramic bowl in their windowsill and keep it topped up with water as a way of practicing attention to water. The hope is that this will initiate a ripple effect within the participants of programs that will help to heal the water.
For more information about the project visit:

Water Mala Bowl $60.
To purchase a water practice and purchase a mala bowl visit:

Next: Toolbelts by Guest Product Designer Sherry Stein

Sherry's toolbelt is SEXY WINK at the classic carpenter's toolbelt, made of luxurious suede and sturdy canvas. Just load her sleek, chic toolbelt with your garden tools, home-repair tools or any other tools when you need free hands. I wear mine every day to always have my pottery tools and other essentials at hand.
“NEVER BE AFRAID OF WORK” was one of sherry's father’s favorite sayings when we were growing up, and he consequently raised three very industrious daughters! Her sisters’ and her work has been one of the great joys in their lives, and transporting their gear around has been a constant part of our respective jobs as designers and photographers. As an Industrial Designer by trade she began designing custom gear bags to transport the tools for our various career ventures.
The toolbelts have just arrived in our store and Sherry normally sells these for $120 on her website but she is offering them to you for only $85 until Dec 23. This is hands down (no pun intended) the absolute perfect gift for the anyone that works with their hands and tools... the artist in your life, the gardener in your life, the chef in your life...
For more information visit her website:
and check out her darling "project aprons" (on my wish list)

Merge Coffee Cup by Nancy Bauch and Thomas Ryan Barkman

The Merge Cup

When I asked Thomas Ryan Barkman if he could put a wood handle on a porcelain cup, he did, unbelievably beautifully.
We brought this idea to life in a collaboration called "Merge"...where wood meets mud....and the rest is history

But, not only a pretty face, this cup works hard. The handle is fastened with food grade stainless fastener, permanently sealed, completely watertight. And the saucer with foot does double duty as a lid.

You can feel the quality when you fill it with hot coffee and the cup becomes perfect balance in your hand. I have been test driving mine for a year and will tell you that it is ALWAYS the cup I choose in the lineup every morning in the studio.

NEW! Baby Merge Espresso Cup
This season we bring you the "Merge Espresso"... a porcelain espresso cup with the same rich American Walnut handle.
Saucer available.

More info and ordering here:

Encrusted Jewels by Guest Artist Julie Tooth

Originally from Irvington N.Y. Julie Tooth eventually lived in New York City for nearly twenty years. During that period Tooth took advantage of art schools, attending Cooper Union, Parsons, N.Y. Academy of Art and NYU Graduate School. She studied the figure, landscape, still life and worked exclusively in watercolors for 5 years before moving onto printmaking and eventually her current acrylic on canvas. Tooth now lives in the Hudson Valley. Her new encrusted jewelry is an extension of her exquisite abilities. Julie Tooth's work can be reviewed at

Selentine Stalactite Crystal by Guest Glass Artist Sandy Hruska

Sandy moved her studio, her 94 year old dad and her heart from Santa Fe to the Hudson Valley this summer. She has been helping the White Forest develop new products and in the spirit of the forest and the season of giving has already created this breathtaking icicle ornament. This is not yet up on our website yet but is in the store and coming soon so stay tuned....and in the meantime...pictured above is a sneak preview.

The selentine stalactite crystal was formed from the trapped salt waters in crevices in Morocco. It is a crystalized form of gypsum. This healing crystal encased in a heartfelt weaving of waxed linen and hand forged hanger is a talisman for the home. Its properties when placed in your sacred and special spot will help dispel negative energy and evoke protection from the angelic realm. The name Selenite comes from the Greek word for moon and means "moon glow" and these Stalactite shaped wands do glow with a shimery, pearl-like luster.

This crystal is a soft crystal and should be kept dry like we humans want to be. They will heal by bringing a calm upon you and deep inner peace now for this season and throughout the year.

Gorgeous Linen Table Dressings by Guest Fiber Artists Trish Wolfe and Kathy Jensen


Trish Wolfe and Kathy Jensen are 2 amazingly talented sisters who weave magic out of fabric. They specialize in personalized creations for special occasions and also are known for punctuating ordinary objects with flair. Only the finest materials are selected when creating each piece.

Their company "Peonies from Heaven" was founded in 2000 after their mom, Teresa Martin, passed away. Peonies were her favorite flower. They wanted to honor the wonderful textile and culinary traditions she taught them while growing up in Walnut, Iowa. A portion of the proceeds of all Peonies from Heaven sales benefits diabetes research.

The true beauty of their products is revealed in the details. We are fortunate to have some of their unique table dressings for this year's sale.

Their work will be for sale in the store from Nov 28 through Dec 24. Here is a preview of some of their designs:

HandvPainted Rose Bowls by Landscape Artist Patricia Laltrella

White Forest Pottery Goes Green!

Meet our "Wall•e". He takes 3 layers of recycled paper and weaves them into long cushy strips. Those of you that have ordered recently may have noticed...less bubblewrap in your packages. Thanks to Rajay Bagaria who introduced us to Ranpak. Ranpak's goal was to create the first environmentally responsible packaging material to effectively cushion and protect products during shipment. Their packaging material is 100% recyclable, renewable and biodegradable making it environmentally friendly.

Enjoy the magic of the season!

Work in Progress

For a look inside the studio click on link below:
Photography by Kim Westad

Beyond Ceramics by Nancy Bauch

This is a 2 week workshop I took this summer at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts. Haystack is an international craft school located on the Atlantic Ocean in Deer Isle, Maine. Developing new ideas and new ways of seeing are central to Haystack’s mission. When you take a workshop at Haystack, you are able to work in the studios day and night, you have time to experiment and discover, and be a part of an intensive and supportive community of learners. This year, I was very fortunate to take a workshop with Philippe Barde who is in charge of the Centre for Experimentation and Realization in Contemporary Ceramics at the University of Art and Design, Geneva, Switzerland.

philippe barde production II

re Dog Friendly!

Barney goes shopping...

"I'll take it!"...