Next: Toolbelts by Guest Product Designer Sherry Stein

Sherry's toolbelt is SEXY WINK at the classic carpenter's toolbelt, made of luxurious suede and sturdy canvas. Just load her sleek, chic toolbelt with your garden tools, home-repair tools or any other tools when you need free hands. I wear mine every day to always have my pottery tools and other essentials at hand.
“NEVER BE AFRAID OF WORK” was one of sherry's father’s favorite sayings when we were growing up, and he consequently raised three very industrious daughters! Her sisters’ and her work has been one of the great joys in their lives, and transporting their gear around has been a constant part of our respective jobs as designers and photographers. As an Industrial Designer by trade she began designing custom gear bags to transport the tools for our various career ventures.
The toolbelts have just arrived in our store and Sherry normally sells these for $120 on her website but she is offering them to you for only $85 until Dec 23. This is hands down (no pun intended) the absolute perfect gift for the anyone that works with their hands and tools... the artist in your life, the gardener in your life, the chef in your life...
For more information visit her website:
and check out her darling "project aprons" (on my wish list)