Merge Coffee Cup by Nancy Bauch and Thomas Ryan Barkman

The Merge Cup

When I asked Thomas Ryan Barkman if he could put a wood handle on a porcelain cup, he did, unbelievably beautifully.
We brought this idea to life in a collaboration called "Merge"...where wood meets mud....and the rest is history

But, not only a pretty face, this cup works hard. The handle is fastened with food grade stainless fastener, permanently sealed, completely watertight. And the saucer with foot does double duty as a lid.

You can feel the quality when you fill it with hot coffee and the cup becomes perfect balance in your hand. I have been test driving mine for a year and will tell you that it is ALWAYS the cup I choose in the lineup every morning in the studio.

NEW! Baby Merge Espresso Cup
This season we bring you the "Merge Espresso"... a porcelain espresso cup with the same rich American Walnut handle.
Saucer available.

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