My favorite things from 2010

Toolbelts by Sherry Stein of
(Love your Work)

C Me Smile Lip Butter by
(comes in 5 flavors...i like "berry")

The Blue Wax Clear Liquid Lava Lamp by
(its everchanging patterns are hypnotizing. Classic and at the same time progressive and still ...out of stock)

Neon Rainboots by Marc Jacobs
(Wellies with style in great colors...look like they could be $300 only $28 )

The elegant Lingere by Joovay in Rhinebeck
( start thinking of Valentine's Day gifts boys...but don't forget White Forest Pottery too :-)

ANYTHING from All Saint's Spitalfield
(My new favorite clothing store. Just opened in Soho this year. If you live in New York City or Miami...drop what had planned for today and Run to their store. They are having a 50% off sale..omg)

Craft Porcelain by Amaco available at Micheal's Art Supply.
(air dry modeling clay for little ones that don't want to wait)
May not be on East Coast yet..found it in a Seattle store..can't find it online.

Mini Toolkit by BeadWorld
The absolute best bead store in the world!
(hey all you rockweavers out there! u can fly with these tools as they are so tiny they meet with federal requirements: "small scissors with a cutting edge less than four inches (10 cm) are

The concept behind Joie de Virve Hospitality Hotels
(Create Joy)
The all night vending machines at Hotel del Sol San Francisco have the best well thought out selection for insomniacs! Am considering getting a couple of machines for the studio.

Mini Cupcakes by "That Takes the Cake"
(Remember being excited about a tasty cupcake?
So do they. Their main ingredients are love, kisses
and hugs which equals happiness. Right down the block from White Forest Pottery's future San Francisco flagship store...stay tuned...) Randy and I will be future friends.

(my old favorite clothing store...but i still want to live in those catalogues)

The Peekskill Coffee House
(my idea of the perfect neighborhood coffee shop. Staff sings to the tunes as they sweep)

The Hat Factory
(Ben Green's gift to Peekskill. In 1979 the Green family, the current owners, purchased the property. Aside from a diverse group of tenants, the Hat Factory has established a reputation for hosting art exhibitions including The Peekskill Project 2008, Collaborative Concepts at the Hat Factory, the Art Lot and For the Love of Art.)

Curly Hair Girls by Devechan
(Loranine Massy's philosphy on the gift to the planet. Read "Once upon a Curl...")

The Meditation Benches
(Here is a picture of my meditation bench. Great for anyone that needs help keeping a prefect spine straight during meditation. He has figured out the perfect angle...)

Anything from Jack Straw Clothing in Seattle.
(Not a fashion store, A clothing store)

(World class interface design for client software and Web applications; new visual brand programs for consumer goods and enterprise products. If you don't believe me just check out his client list)

(a greenhouse for sustainable business and social enterprise, providing creativity, strategy and education for growing ventures.)

Francesca Lacquina Jewelry
(Beautiful handmade jewelry using natural objects in lost wax tradition. This is who will make my wedding ring someday...)

(Jewelry that is really Art. It is in Hudson and is my favorite art gallery in New York.)

The Pink Kitchenaid
(During 2010, KitchenAid is proud to donate a minimum of $350,000 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure in conjunction with its pink product collection. Consumers must register each pink product purchased at to generate a donation. I am buying this for myself for Valentine's Day)